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SWAMP provides a forest carbon database system (ForestCDB) as part of the effort to support initiatives such as greenhouse gas inventories, the development of forest reference emission level, monitoring, reporting and verification. ForestCDB invites its visitors, especially those who maintain forest inventory data, manage permanent sample plots or conduct research on carbon stocks, to participate in this initiative.

ForestCDB accommodates carbon stocks in five carbon pools: above- and belowground biomass, woody debris and litter, understorey and soil. As a Meta Database, it also provides general information related to the site, such as geographic location, land cover or forest type, and climate and soil.

If you are interested in Carbon Database, you might consider registering as a member with the following advantages:

Reduces unnecessary duplication of data collection.
Allows ability to compare carbon stocks across land use types and regions, shared by other contributors.
Easy access to data that cannot be readily replicated, as links will be provided.

Please register by following a simple step-by-step procedure.